Litter Notifications

Bymyside Mastiffs Christchuch has just had a lovely litter of puppies with a couple still available to the right home.

You can contact Sharron Hunnan on +6421 2607799 or



Good breeders will do health testing on their breeding dogs and ideally have shown them to champion status (proving that at least 8 judges agree with the breeder that the dogs are a good example of the breed) The minimum amount of health testing is hip and elbow scoring of both parents (the lower the scores the better!) if no testing has been done or they do not show you the documentation WALK AWAY! Health issues do and may pop up later in life, but by doing your research and purchasing your puppy from the most responsible breeder you can find, you may save your self and your precious new family member lots of pain and heartache.

Food must be of good quality, correct quantity. The puppy must not be allowed to become overweight. You do not want to put any extra stress on their growing bones. All reputable breeders provide detailed instructions with regard to feeding and rearing regimes.

Puppies must not be over-exercised but short walks are recommended when vaccinations are complete. It is best to avoid allowing your pup playing rough, jumping on and off furniture, or racing around like a loony... Again avoiding extra stress being put on joints and bones. Swimming is good. Socialisation is a must! - the more situations, things, people, and dogs that your puppy gets to see and experience when young has a direct influence on how relaxed your mastiff will be as an adult.

All Mastiff owners should obedience train their Mastiffs at an obedience club. It may be cute when your puppy jumps up to welcome you with a lick but when he weighs 90 kilos it is not so cute when he welcomes your frail grandmother in the same way!

We have a list of Breeders here in NZ, our best advice is to contact them, talk to them, meet their dogs, find the one you are most comfortable with and wait patiently. Mastiff puppies are not the easiest thing to produce so patience is a must!, but saying that the breeders welcome your interest and most are happy to share their knowledge with you...

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