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Welcome to The Mastiff Club of New Zealand Inc. The Mastiff Club was started in July 1990, and in June 1993 the clubs submission to the NZKC to be recognized as a Specialist Breed Club was successful. We currently have approximately 50 members from across New Zealand and Overseas, with approximately 70 mastiffs around the country. We hold a Championship show every year and arrange get togethers around the country for our members. We also have a club newsletter full of interesting articles, updates and photographs of our dogs which is emailed to our members 3 or 4 times a year. If you are owned by a Mastiff, want to add a Mastiff to your family, are really interested in the breed, or just want to be a part of our club (No dog required) please use form below to contact us for the membership form.
For just $25 a year you too could be part of our Mastiff community. 

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